XML Marker

XML Marker 2.2

View XML data using different modes and modify it

Open, create, and modify XML files. View the content of XML documents in hierarchical and tabular modes, organize tables, use the automatic indentation and syntax-highlighting options, print codes, generate bookmarks, convert spreadsheets, and check for any syntax errors.

XML Marker is an XML editor that incorporates an integrated text editor, as well as a GUI interface, in order to allow users to view both the hierarchical, and the tabular relationships between XML databases. Moreover, this application uses a synchronized table-tree view, which helps users gain a better control over the status of their projects.

This piece of software allows users not only to parse their projects into the XML language, but also into DTD, JSON, and even plain text. These settings can be applied by accessing the Options menu, then the “Parse this document as” feature. In addition to this, XML Marker is able to detect and pinpoint any syntax errors to the users.

Another remarkable aspect about this utility is the fact that it includes a wide variety of settings, designed in order to grant users better control over their project management. For instance, one may search for various words within their project, as well as toggle bookmarks or reparse certain projects.

To conclude with, XML Marker is a crafty, useful tool, which enables XML users to edit their files in a quicker and more effective manner. Due to its feature-rich interface, this application is highly-configurable, which adds to its accessibility.

Mario Procione
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